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Candle Creations by M, J & D

Mia Veasey
CEO, Designer, Candle Maker

Jonathan Veasey

[email protected]
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Candles are made to order!
Alice and Wonderland 1 Alice and Wonderland 2
Alice and Wonderland Candle
Cheshire Cat ,Eat Me
Cookie, Door and Drink
Baby Candle 1 Baby Candle 2
Baby Candle
Baby toys and objects
on other sides
Baby Girl Candle 1 Baby Girl Candle 2
Baby Girl Candle
Bob Marley Candle 1 Bob Marley Candle 2
Bob Marley Candle
Pictures on all four sides $45.50
Bronco Candle 1 Bronco Candle 2
Bronco Candle
Candy Candle 1 Candy Candle 2
Candy Candle
Candy pieces Twix
and more on other side
Casino Candle 1 Casino Candle 2
Casino Candle
With dice & playing Cards $25.50
Crab Basket Candle 1 Crab Basket Candle 2
Crab Basket Candle
Delta Sigma Candle Sorority Candle
Sorority Candle
With names of members
on other sides
New Flower Candle 1 New Flower Candle 2
Pink Flower Candle
With leaves & grass
Pastoral Candle Praying Hands Candle
Pastoral Candle
Add your favorite Bible Verse
(Bible only fits in medium and Large)
Pastoral with Scripture Candle 1 Pastoral with Scripture Candle 2
Pastoral with Scripture Candle
(Philippians 4:13)
Patriots Candle 1 Pastrols Candle 2
Patriots Candle
Phillies Candle 1 Phillies Candle 2
Phillies Candle
Snowman 1 Snowman 2
Snowman Candle
Wedding Black Candle 1 Wedding Black Candle 2
Wedding Black Candle
Lupus Warrior Candle Lupus Awareness Ribbon Candle
Lupus Warrior Candle
Light House Candle 1 Light House Candle 2
Light House Candle
Pictures of Maryland Light
Houses on all 4 sides
Lady Bug Candle 1 Lady Bug Candle 2
Lady Bug Candle
Happy Holidays Snowman Candle
Happy Holidays



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