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Candle Creations by M, J & D

Mia Veasey
CEO, Designer, Candle Maker

Jonathan Veasey

[email protected]
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Large variety of scents available

All Scents can not be used with Gel Wax

Candy Corn, Carnation, White Tea, Citronella, Strawberry, Margarita,
Banana Nut Bread, Fig Scent, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Cinnamon ,Champagne

Punch, Clove Spice Apple Orchard, Cucumber Melon, Oatmeal Milk & Honey(g)

Warmed Cream, Wedding Day(Yankee Type)Apple Orchard, Grape Juice

Vanilla Bean, Winter Candy Apple, Fusion Sea,
Peppermint, Spring Heather , Cola, Bombshell Type

Chestnut, Rose, Crisp Linen, Cinnamon Blend, Lavender
Vanilla, Pomegranate, Twisted peppermint , Cider Lane,

Cinnamon Bun, Vanilla Nutmeg, Coconut, Neutral Air,
Country Apple, Winter Green, Caribbean Escape(g)

Vanilla Sandalwood, Sweet Pea, Angel Wings,
Christmas Eve, Butterfly Kisses , Baby Powder

Lavender , Strawberries & Cream, Cinnamon Apple Berry Jasmine,
Blue Berry Pie, Birthday Cake, Vanilla Pods, Autumn Afternoon, All
About Me,Summerberry, Beach Walk, Seashore(G), Waterfall Mist(g),
Mistletoe , White Diamonds, Cool Water, Pink Sugar, Gummy Bear

Snow Fairy, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Pink Sand Yankee
Type, Vanilla Cupcake, Bahama Fizz, Maple glazed bacon,

Poinsettia, Downy April Fresh, Christmas Cheer, Monkey Farts, Twigs &
Berries , Artic Air, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Seaside, Black Ice, Frankincense
and Myrrh, Wildberry Tulip, Beach Daisy, Love Spell, Juicy Couture Type,

Patchouli, Monkey Farts , Lilac, Dark Kiss, Butt Naked, Secret
Wonderland , Hawaiian Paradise(g), Ocean Pier 1 Type(g)

Merlot, Cognac, Pink Frosting, Bacon, Weed, Cantaloupe,
Honey Dew, Bay Rum, Suntan Lotion(g) , Lemon Grass(g)

Fishing Pier, Play Dough, Watermelon, Tiger Lily, Fuzzy
Navel, Rice Milk, Winter Berry Frost(W), Sweet Strawberry(w)

Mimosa, Appletini, Sangria, Grand Marnier, Peanut
Butter Cup, Amber White, Gucci , Fresh Cantaloupe (w)

Guilty , Trix, Graham Cracker, Soft Pretzel, Oreo Cookie, Smores, Fresh
Milk , Bubble Gum, Aqua Di Gio Type, Polo Black, Mango, Forever
Red, Leather, rosemanry mint , Amber Romance Type, Fruity pebbles

Any Scent You Don't See Listed Can Be Ordered!!!!



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