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How It Works
The cost for me to do this is only $60 $50 for
the first page, $30 $20 each additional page
(Example: This site has 5 pages, Home Page, How It Works Page,
Cost Page, Sites I Have Built Page & Get Started Page.) and
$30 $20 per month, which includes unlimited updates/changes
or $120 $80 per year for yearly updates/changes.

You can also get a domain name for about $15 a year.
(ex. www.YourWebsite.com instead of
I can do a tinyurl address for you...
for FREE!

Paypal, Credit Cards, Postal Money Order or Cash accepted.
(NOTE: Paypal and Credit Card fees do apply.)

NOTE: Monthly payments are due on the 25th of each month for the
following months service. Any payment not received by the 25th
will result in your site being removed from the web on the 26th!

* * * SPECIAL * * *
FREE 1 page website.
No maintenance fee, No monthly fee, No hidden fees.
(Additional pages and maintenance available-$20/page and
$20/month for regular updates or $60/year for yearly updates).

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