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- Wealth Management: An Introduction

Handling numerous estates and stock portfolios can be challenging and this is why people enlist the help of wealth managers to help them manage their wealth. Wealth management is an advisory service catering to the financial needs of individuals. This advice touches on many areas that affect a personís wealth such as estate planning, retail banking, taxation and legal resources. There are two key objectives when it comes to this type of management i.e. stabilizing wealth and making sure it grows after stabilization.

- Misconceptions about Wealth Management

People have many misconceptions about this kind of management. For example, people believe that wealth
management is reserved for the wealthiest people in society but this is not so. Wealth management is an
integrated system of sound investment portfolios, meticulous financial planning and aggregated financial
services. It just so happens that a bit of money is necessary for someone to take advantage of it.

- The People behind Wealth Management

It is difficult to understand this form of management without understanding what it takes to be
a wealth manager. For instance, a competent wealth manager should have a reputable certificate
in accounting or finance such as a Certified Financial Planner or a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Wealth managers can also hold a postgraduate degree in business such as an MBA. The manager should
be honest, transparent and accountable in all his dealings with his clients. A growing client base
is also a good sign of a competent wealth manager with numerous years of experience in this business.


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