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Vom Spiegalhof was established what seems like ages ago by my father in West Germany. In 1984, in Southern California, I took over his breeding philosophy along with his determination to produce the best temperament for the ideal family dog. In 1997 I lost my dad and thought I wanted to give up raising dogs all together. This all changed within a short amount of time My 3 year old female Roxie, was assigned the task of watching my two very active sometimes crazy sons. She went fishing, biking, jet skiing and ATV-ing with them along with horseback riding and girl chasing. There was a night in November when we were all tested. We have a house fire and my then 16 year old son was at home with his younger brother and sister. The attic caught on fire and no one knew it except Roxie. She had been outside waiting for me to come home. She barked to wake the kids up but no response till she opened the glass door and literally pulled my oldest son out of his bed to wake him. He looked but couldn't see what was bothering her till he walked around the house and noticed her being fixated on the roof line. There he saw the smoke escaping the attic vent. The fire dept. arrived, the house was 40% destroyed but my kids were safe and sound, Thanks to Roxie. I can assure you if not for that dog doing what she did. I would have more then likely lost more then just a home. This all inspired me to raise a family dog that was intelligent enough to know when something was wrong to be there to protect it's family members as well as someone to talk to at the end of a rough day. Oregon is a great place to raise German Shepherds. The weather is almost identical to that of their native land, Germany. The misty mornings makes tracking a fun and scenic activity for the dogs. Our puppies are never placed in crates or kennels. We raise them in our home underfoot. The puppies interact with us and grandkids as well as a small dog or two and our equine babies as well as herds of cattle. When they are 8 weeks old they have gone for at least 3 car rides. They have been exposed to dishwasher, blow dryers, TV and any other noises known to man. They leave here well socialized and confident. Our Clients tell us they are a joy to live with and fit in with the new family. From service to search and rescue to just being a little girls best friend. We strive to produce large boned, best temperament, sound dogs with impressive beauty. We only place our fur-babies in forever homes where they are members of the family. Never pet shops or brokers. Please ask about our health guarantee. Shipping available during cooler times of the year.



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